Leading Tire manufacturer Bridgestone is offering motorists an extended “Hot Summer Deal” with the 3+1 promo.

Starting this month until June 2016, you can buy three (3) Bridgestone tires of any type from your favorite tire dealers and have the fourth one (1) free! Motorists can choose from its set of tires—Potenza, Turanza, Dueler, Ecopia, and MY-02.

Bridgestone tires set

Potenza is for those who crave for speed. Designed for speed and ultimate handling response, the Potenza has finely tuned tread patterns that allows better grip and cornering capabilities at high speeds. It delivers improved durability with its improved rubber compound, making its wear life last longer.

Turanza is for luxury cars that provides perfect balance of comfort and durability. Its ultra quiet, all season Turanza Serenity Plus innovation makes for an incredibly smooth driving experience by absorbing road noise in both wet and dry conditions.

Dueler delivers the combined capabilities of road gripping performance and versatility. It brings together the high-level traction, power and toughness required for full-fledged 4-wheeled vehicles. The tire is armed with technology that makes exploring challenging terrains and rough roads easy to handle.

For those who wanted to save fuel, the Ecopia is best fit for you! The Ecopia provides eco-friendly performance through higher fuel efficiency and safety. It allows for reduced rolling resistance, which in turn enhances fuel efficiency. This tire also reduces the production of harmful carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming.

And lastly, the MY-02. This tire carries an aggressive lightning groove tread pattern equipped with precision technologies that lay claim to the road. The low profile provides enhanced steering response, while the 3D triangular grooves prevent the tire from deforming due to sideslip when cornering.

To know the list of participating dealers, visit this link. To select list of Bridgestone tires, click here.

The company is known for its road safety advocacy.