AIR21 conducts safety driving training on Simulator

To educate drivers towards road safety, Logistics solutions provider AIR21 recently partnered with L-3 Technologies, a US based technology provider for military and commercial platforms, to have the country’s first TransSimTM VS6 Driver Training Simulator.

The state-of-the-art TranSimTM Simulator is a replica of an actual commercial vehicle driving compartment that will accurately simulate the vehicle’s physical and functional characteristics. It provides hands-on, experiential training for commercial drivers, offering experience without risks to people or equipment.

Samuel Bautista, Director of AIR21 Academy of Developmental Logistics, said, “Our goal is to provide drivers, and eventually all transport operators across the Philippines, with an enticing alternative to an actual commercial driving experience without endangering lives, equipment and property.”

This technology can record the driver’s reactions and response times, and provide after-action reviews that point out performance improvement areas for each driver. This training approach will improve critical driving skills, enhance decision-making abilities, and increase the safety of staff and the areas where AIR21 operates.

As an innovative logistics leader, AIR21 continually searches for the best technologies, both here and abroad, to deliver better service while considering greener options. With around 400 company-owned vehicles to maintain and operate on a daily basis, this upgrade will result to efficient fuel consumption and road safety.

Here’s the simple glimpse of the Driver Training Simulator: