Four days to go and its Valentine’s Day. But before we go to that much-awaited day of love, I’m sure everyone (even Jollibee mascot himself) hasn’t yet moved on to that powerful emo-branding message of fast-food giant Jollibee for Valentine’s Day.

Thank God Volkswagen PH comes out with a happy thoughts on Valentine’s Day! Of course, after watching the Jollibee online “Vow” video, no one dares to come out with its own viral video. That’s for sure! At this point, I salute Volkswagen for having that courage, to at least neutralized, the heartbreak emotions that social viewers felt.

For Volkswagen, the German car brand uses the iconic Beetle to show and express the love to others. On this video, you’ll see how the brand focuses on different types of people with all the facet of life. Its as simply as that! From security guards, bystanders, Jeepney drivers, students, tricycle drivers, runners to traffic enforcers, you can see how the brand spread the love using their People’s Car (Volkswagen Beetle). In the end, VW put a statement: “Its more than just a car.”

Good job VW! At least, the tears now from previous Jollibee video is slowly subsiding with full of smile and good vibes to everyone. Happy “Hearts” Day to all! Enjoy this video.