Recently, Car Awards Group, Inc. (CAGI)the proponent of Car-of-the-Year PH, hold its first-ever general assembly with its members and associates at Ortigas Home Depot in Pasig City.

The purpose of meeting is to formally announced and introduced the newly-elected officers of CAGI for 2017.  The board, which composed of motoring journalists from print, online, and TV, were Ronald de los Reyes from Auto Review, Business Mirror and Carmudi Magazine-President; Joel Quinto from President; Andy Rodriguez from 2ner Magazine-Corporate Secretary; Novelyn Quiamco from 2ner Magazine-Treasurer; and Niky Tamayo from TopGear PH-Technical Director.


Well, we heard that the group (CAGI) is planning to come out with a Two-wheels awarding. This means that they will cover the huge population of motorcycle market. According to CAGI, they will invite prominent motorsports racers who will act as event technical facilitator for the moto testing. This is to give motorcycle manufacturers a balance scorecard when grading each bikes. Although, the motorcycle sector is a huge and in demand market; we are excited how will CAGI present their first-ever motorcycle awarding in the Philippines.

How the group test and score each cars? Pretty simple. The group is relying on both qualitative (subjective test-aesthetic,fit and finish, material quality) and quantitative (performance test-acceleration, braking and handling) in measuring scorecards of each vehicles.

To differentiate to other award-giving bodies, last year CAGI demonstrated a game-changing performance data by adding the Racelogic VBOX Sport datalogger into its arsenal. Their partnership with auditing firm KPMG R.G. Manabat & Co is one heck of a huge statement in the auto industry. KPMG R.G. Manabat & Co is one responsible for the process of proper data sampling and actual counting of vehicles score sheets.


CAGI president Ronald de los Reyes, said, “Aside from the usual launch, test fest and awards night, we also plan to further raise more public awareness of the group’s unique and stringent award-giving process.”

“We want everyone to further realize how esteemed the awards are. The group is also looking forward to reaching and expanding to a much bigger market,” explained de los Reyes.

The group also planned to have talks with dealers; public demonstration tests; and car show display at Manila International Auto Show, Manila Auto Salon and the Transport Show.  

During the meeting, CAGI also invited Jay Taruc, host and reporter of documentary show Motorcycle Diaries, which created by GMA Network and aired at GMA News.


*All photos courtesy of Car Awards Group, Inc.