Despite of slow internet connection, the Philippines is considered as social media capital across the globe. According to National Telehealth Center, there are total of 32 million active mobile users from 101 million population in the country. This now translates that mobile phones becomes the primary tool of communications; whether in business or personal life.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, online shopping portal Lazada came out with an online survey of how technology affects in mending for “Heartbreaks and Healing” of relationships.

According to Lazada’s survey, over 500 Filipinos (58-percent) admits to use mobile phones in ending their relationships. Of that number of respondents, 30-percent were done via sms message; 22-percent through call; and 7-percent used instant messenger.

In searching for potential date, 54-percent of respondents check social media profile before going out. Meanwhile, online dating such as Tinder becomes the fastest tool for searching a date; 60-percent of people lost interest after doing more research on social media.

On the flip side, even after breaking up, more than half of the respondents (52-percent) reports stalking their ex’s on social media page. While breakups are tough, 1 out of every 3 respondents, ended up getting back together with their ex.

How to mend a broken heart? Well, trust is one important factor. Almost 65-percent of respondents say they share their email, phone and app passwords with their significant other. 75-percent of respondents agree that giving gifts helps in the reconciliation process. While technology becomes our day-to-day partner, it’s also important to always communicate in person, as often as you can, in order to have a healthy and steady relationship.