Today, the Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking device are becoming a common tool for map-making and land surveying. In fact, you can now simply installed the GPS in your smartphones, cars and school buses. The primary function of the tracking device is to gather the real-time location of a vehicle. However, there are different types of GPS trackers available in the market; choosing the most affordable and efficient ones could be a daunting task.

Most of trackers become impossible to understand especially when you lose an internet connection. But with Tramigo GPS trackers you can easily keep on track even when offline connection.

Many other trackers try to convince you that seeing your vehicle as a dot on a computer screen is enough. What about when you need to locate a vehicle urgently and don’t have a computer or Internet access? With Tramigo, you’ll enjoy full control over your vehicles even when out of the office or offline. Thanks to Tramigo Landmarks, you don’t even need access or maps to understand the location of your vehicles.

Locate, communicate and read critical reports from your vehicles direct from your mobile device – anytime, anywhere with Tramigo M1 Move software.

Save your fuel cost

Tramigo helps you pinpoint bad driving habits by monitoring speeds, engine idling and unauthorized trips that cost your business valuable time and money.

Tramigo automatically monitors your drivers and notifies you or your control center so you can intervene to change bad driving habits.

Secure Fleet and Cargo Against Theft

With motion sensing, ignition detection and power cut alarm, you’ll be the first to know in case of attempted theft and can locate, listen in and even cut off vehicle power direct from your mobile device.

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