We’ve seen different Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of every institutions and companies. Some would focus on helping the underprivileged students, and others on housing projects. Whatever their initiatives, we applaud them in taking time to invest in reaching out local communities.

One of them is an online car platform Carmudi. The company, which has been in the e-commerce business in the PH since January 2014, is launching a series of CSR Road Show in key cities around the country that tackles various issues that concern the public.

This time, Carmudi will conduct its premier financial literacy program in the Queen City of the South, Cebu.

To be held on March 7 at the Sky Hall of SM Seaside, the event aims to help and empower graduating students on how to be financially-secured in the future.

To be honest, we were surprised why Carmudi is doing this kind of initiatives. Until they explained to us their goal on why they are doing this project. “This Road Show is a series of Carmudi CSR activities. We teach, empowered, and help out specifically students of different class because sooner they will be the leaders of our country,” said Kris Lim, Head of PR and Marketing of Carmudi Philippines.

“On this event, we will educate the graduating students of University of Cebu-Maritime School on how they would use their money wisely. In just few months, they will become a modern day hero (OFW) in our country that contributes big in economy particularly remittances,” he added.

Moreover, Lim said that financial literacy program on students is just the start of their grand idea in making every Filipino financially-stable. “We are not just here to promote our stable and widespread car buying and selling. Soon we would like to help the OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) community so that they will have enough buying power,” he claimed.

He cited that in the Philippines, owning a motor vehicle is a sign of financial stability. “And when they are stable enough, they could tap us when they are ready to purchase their preferred vehicle that is within their budget,” explained Lim.

Wealth and life coach Chinkee Tan will be the main speaker in the day-long program. The event will be held on March 7 at the Sky Hall of SM Seaside City in Cebu.

Late last year, the company made their debut CSR Road Show in Manila with the Road Safety Caravan—with hundreds of students in attendance— that was successfully made in partnership with GMA News TurboZone. Students from STI-BGC came to listen and participate to the healthy discussions about road safety education. The seminar was led by award-winning journalist Jiggy Manicad and Oscar Oida.

The good news is—this is a FREE seminar! For those who wish to attend, simply fill the form on this link: The seminar is also open to OFW and Seafarers.

The event is in partnership with University of Cebu-Maritime Education and Training Center and SMX Sky Hall.