If you’ll visit place like Bonifacio Global City and Ortigas Center, chances are, there’s a high probability that you might end up late in your meeting. One reason—full parking! This is perhaps the most common scenario of motorists waiting in a long line of parking.

Now boys from Emicor Incorporated—the distributors of the Smart Parking technology—is offering an alternative solution to our parking woes.

Their product—Smart Parking—has been providing practical and intelligent solutions Worldwide in countries like Japan, Singapore, the United States, Korea and Europe for years now.

So what’s the difference of Smart Parking to multi-level steel parking? According to Emircor, Building multi-level steel parking takes months to complete, while Smart Parking can be installed in 5 to 7 days. How cool is that?

One good feature is that you can installed Smart Parking without shutting down the operation of the whole parking facility. Its small footprint, which only occupies 2 parking slots can accommodate up to 16 cars. Smart Parking can make it up to a maximum of 400 slots. Actual number of slots depends on traffic flow direction, plot share and size, and height limitation. A 3-storey steel parking can only have 150 slots. Ramps may also consume some of areas, thus reducing the number of slots. In Smart Parking, since the cars are elevated, theft and vandalism are also prevented.

Smart Parking is build by Korean company DongYang PC and manufactured by the well-known German company SEW-EURODRIVE. “The unit itself is 100-percent made in Korea, apart from the motor which is made in Germany. Smart Parking carries a 10-year warranty with a lifespan of 25 years,” said Gilbert Pinuela, Head of Parking Solutions for Emicor Inc.

Smart Parking is designed to rotate both directions via a shortest route. Retrieval time depends on the position of the car. On average, you should be able to retrieve your car under 120 seconds.

The smallest unit can hold six sedans with a maximum of 16 sedans. This parking unit can also accommodate 12 SUV’s. “An exterior canopy and façade cladding are also available and it can be customized depending on the client,” explained Pinuela. They also have optional parking for private garages which can hold two to four cars depending on the size of the garage.

Here’s how it works?

How safe is Smart Parking System? Smart Parking is equipped with protection and security devices. Photo sensors are installed on key locations inside the system (rear, front and car existence sensors). It is also equipped with over-current relay and emergency stop devices as well as fall prevention device (double guide rail). Pallets have guide lines, tire channels and over-run stopper to prevent the car from moving while parked. Other safety features of Smart Parking are mirrors for parking assistance, lights and sound warnings during operation and perimeter fencing.

So for companies who are tired of looking for parking space, maybe the Smart Parking System is the perfect solution for you!