Starting Wednesday is the official last day of work in the office. Since it falls on payday, we expect heavy gridlock of traffic everywhere. For backpackers, this is the only opportunity to take a long weekend of time-out from their hectic stressful work in the office. American car brand Ford shares us their 6 survival tips for motorists who wanted to experience safe and hassle-free drive this Lenten season.

1.) Plan Your Trip. This is the first rule of thumb. Make sure you allot extra time on your road trip so that you can afford changes in your schedule. Delays are the one thing that you can count on when driving long distances while hundreds of fellow travelers are doing the same. Building in extra time can help keep you relaxed on the drive, and will allow you to take breaks along the way. You must remember that the shortest route isn’t always the fastest route; aim to avoid roads that are prone to congestion during peak hours.

2.) Check and declutter your car. Before hitting the road, remember to keep your car spick and span where everything is stored properly. Clutter like cans and plastic bottles can have dangerous consequences. When the car is in motion, these items could roll forward and catch under the brake or accelerator pedal, preventing the driver from operating the vehicle properly.

3.) Maintain Your Windows. Don’t compromise your vision with dirty glass–a clean windshield is just as important as keeping your eyes open when driving, especially at night. Streaks can cause dangerous glares on the windshield, windows and mirrors, so avoid touching them with your hands. Make sure you also clean them regularly by keeping a soft cloth in your vehicle.

4.) Stay Alert. Sure, you might be a great driver but don’t assume that everyone else on the road is. Always be vigilant–double-check for oncoming traffic whenever you cross an intersection or stop sign, even if you have the right of way. Take an extra moment to watch for oncoming cars when the traffic light changes from red to green, and leave extra room for other vehicles.

5.) Keep babies safe, comfortable, and happy. For parents out there, driving with kids on-board can be tricky. If hours on the road can make an adult restless, it does even more so for kids. This can lead to tantrums, which can be quite distracting – especially for the driver. To avoid this, make sure to have your child’s favorite toys to keep them entertained, and help keep the driver focused on the road. Snacks and drinks will also help your child be less fussed.

6.) Equip yourself with helpful tech. Not only is it outdated, but reading a foldout map can be dangerous. Ditch the paper and use helpful apps to get you through the trip. And if your car has built-in technologies, you can make the most out of it.