The City of Alaminos is known to the home of “Hundred Islands National Park.” It has 90,000 population with motorcycle as their secondary mode of transport in the province.

To uplift motorcycle awareness and preserve the environment, RAVevents—the event organizer of TourGo Motorcyle Roadshow which focuses on Safety, Environment and Tourismsuccessfully unveiled a two-day event, which unites all motorcycle enthusiasts and riders in the City of Alaminos.

The event dubbed as “4th TourGo Pangasinan Motorcycle Festival” features various activities including motorcycle displays with free service check-ups, motocross race, games, nature ride, and a tour at the Hundred Islands National Park. The event also followed by exhibitors and organizers planting mangroveswhich are ideal habitat and breeding territory for wildlifeat the City’s Bued Mangrove Park.

The event was graced by no other than Alaminos City Mayor Arthur Celeste together with his wife Chloue Celeste. Celebrity riders Jordan Herrera, Tom Doromal and Jason Abalos participated in the motocross event. Meanwhile, beauty queens Miss Hundred Islands Shaina Fe Rabanera, Miss Tourism Kathie Lee Berco and Miss Environment Khristine Jofel Rabanera awarded the e-kawayan plaques to all the winners of the motocross.

Dr. Emielou Gellado and Solomon Tablang, executive chairman of the Hundred Islands Paraw Festival with City Information Officer Venus Balgua, were also present in the activity. Motorcycle World Magazine is the official media partner in the event.

*All photos courtesy of Alaminos City Mayor Arthur Celeste