Oil giant company Caltex recently introduced the fastest, safest and more convenient way to pay when refueling your vehicle as you no longer need to worry about carrying a cash in your pocket and sign anything when paying. This is done through Visa payWave! The new Visa payWave card is the latest feature on Caltex that allows contactless payment. This means you simply need to tap your card when paying your fuel—no swiping, signing or PIN needed.

Imagine the hassle of doing PIN numbers or signing for your credit card receipts. Now you can simply wave your Caltex Visa PayWave cards in front of the Visa payWave readers when purchasing Caltex fuel worth P2,000 and below at participating Caltex stations nationwide.

In a press conference, Stuart Tomlinson, Visa Country Manager for Philippines and Guam, said, “We are excited to partner with Chevron Philippines once again to bring seamless customer experience to motorists. The Visa payWave is the latest evolution in Visa payments that offers quicker, more secure and more convenient than cash.”

“This new technology enables cardholders to wave their card on a contactless point-of-sales terminal to make transaction instead of swiping or dipping their cards. It has a tiny antenna embedded into the chip which securely transmit process of payment,” adds Tomlinson.

Chevron Philippines Country Chairman Peter Morris, said, “Motorists gassing up using Visa payWave will definitely be able to experience quicker service in our forecourts. Motorists can transact securely and with ease, knowing that they remain in control of their card at all times.”

Morris explained, “The Visa payWave can be use in all our Caltex stations nationwide. At the moment, 50-percent in Metro Manila are fully equipped using the Visa payWave; and the remaining 50-percent are scattered in provincial in our Cebu and Davao dealers stations.”  

During the event, Chevron also announces its partnership with Visa on holding the “Drive Away a Millionaire” promo, which starts on April 21 up to July 31, 2017. How to join? Simply use your Visa payWave in purchasing any Caltex fuel—Platinum with Techron, Silver with Techron and Diesel with Techron D—at participating stations to get a chance to win Visa card credit worth 1-million pesos and 3 lucky motorists will also receive 1-year of Starcash worth P100,000.

For each Caltex fuel-up using Visa payWave, motorists are entitled for three (3) raffle entries for every P500 payment increment. Meanwhile, each Visa contact transaction is equivalent to one (1) raffle entry. Motorists gassing up at Caltex can also get an instant prize of P50 discount to be deducted outright from their fuel purchase. For purchase exceeding P2000, Visa cardholders will have to sign for the particular transaction or enter a PIN.