Bold, stylish, and charming. These are the 3 words that best described the newly environmental-friendly models of Vespa—the Primavera, the Sprint, and the Vespa S. Featuring the i-Get (Italian Green Experience Technology) powertrain, the new Vespa models is expected to cruise on streets with more power, yet less impact on the environment.

The newly redesigned engine uses 3-valves per cylinder, as well as electronic injection and air cooling, with all the parts geared toward optimizing consumption and output. The i-Get also complies withe Euro-3 standards for emission, making it safer for the environment.

Safety-wise, it is equipped with Antilock Braking System (ABS)—a feature commonly found in cars. With ABS on Vespa, the wheels prevents from locking during braking situations. The ABS allows greater degree of maneuverability when conditions get rough, ensuring safety for the rider.

In the past 7 decades, the brand has come up with a multitude of models, each time redefining what it means to be on the cutting edge of mobility. But even as these models changed the standard, some things remain the same. Classic looks, easy accessibility, and an advanced bearing body design completely made of steel all come together to create a certain timeless quality.

VESPA Primavera

This new model keeps the spirit alive, though now coupled with a more ergonomic design, better handling, and robust safety features. The dashboard keeps the Primavera’s traditional elements, but now features an analogic speedometer and an LCD display that shows the time, fuel level, odometer, and trip measurement. Opening glovebox reveals storage space for documents, a electronic lever that opens the saddle, and a USB port for electronic devices.  The Antilock Braking System, meanwhile, guarantees a great degree of control on adverse road conditions. The Primavera 150 is priced at P175,000.

The Primavera comes in a range of stylish colors—Blue Midnight, Monteblanco, Nero Vulcano, Rosso Dragon, and Grigio Titanio.

 VESPA Sprint

The Sprint is made for people with a certain vibrancy. Light, agile, and comfortable, it’s  a quick urban runner with a healthy dose of style, sporting a rectangular headlamp that traces its roots to the Vespa GL from 1963.

Twelve-inch front and rear wheels give the model remarkable maneuverability, while an improved lighting system using LEDs for the front positioning lights and the rear lamp makes it highly visible in traffic. The presence of ABS also makes it safer to use for when the roads get rough. The Sprint’s glove box offers the same storage capabilities as the Primavera, and likewise features a USB port for devices. The Vespa Sprint is priced at P195,000.

Vespa S

Meanwhile, the Vespa S is the quintessential mobility solution for dynamic people of all ages. Sleek lines, a redesigned saddle, and a more aggressive yet elegant profile mark it as a vehicle that’s meant to be on the move. The rectangular headlamp gives it a certain edginess while the new rims make the S lean toward the trendier end of the design spectrum.

As for functionality, you can expect the same storage on the glove, as well as the electronic lever for opening the saddle and a USB port for small gadgets. The Vespa S comes in a range of dynamic colors—Verde Matt, Grigio Titanio, and Rosso Matt. The Vespa S 125 is selling at P125,000.

Here’s the good news is—all prices are already inclusive of VAT.