As the countdown to Mother’s Day begins, we list down possible items that we could give to our dear moms. One of this items is the Genius MT-20 Mobile Theater speaker—a product distribute by IT company MSI-ECS.

From its leading global brand Genius, the MT-20 Mobile Theater speakers is the one of the newest addition to the broad line-up of Genius that offers a surround-sound theater-like speaker that delivers deep immersive bass with optimal precision.

What good about the MT-20 Mobile Theater speakers is that it has a high-quality channel speakers that delivers 360-degree sounds, which similar to a movie theater settings. In case you want to bring this speaker for an out of town trip, we guarantee you that it won’t be a problem! As the MT-20 is capable of 10-hours of continuous movie playing without the need of recharge.

To select what kind of your music preference you’d love to hear, Genius has a dual-selection which allows you to set-up either music or cinema sound mode. Whether you are at home, outside or wherever you might be, the MT-20 is equipped with Bluetooth for easy device pairing and toggling between tracks. It also supports a 3.5 mm AUX connector and TF-Card reader so you can play your favorite songs without connecting to a mobile device.

The MT-20 also comes in an ease-of-carry handle and offers multiple play connection options. Sporting the finest design and texture, it’s the elegant speaker you need, indoor or outdoor. The Genius MT-20 is available in black and silver and priced at P3,995.