As motorists are all eye on the proposed vehicle excise tax, DBPhils Motorsports, Inc—the official distributor of Aston Martin cars in the country—is all in for business as they recently unveiled the second-generation of Aston Martin new flagship Super GT, the Vanquish S.

What’s new about this car is that it embodies the very essence of Aston Martin—a machine of amplified sporting capability; a combination of unbound craftsmanship; and a power that comes together in utmost harmony.

Exterior-wise, you can easily identify its new aerodynamic package, cloaked in a suit of carbon. There’s a 2×2 carbon fiber twill front splitter and rear diffuser, which improves high-speed stability as well. The 2-door coupe body with tailgate and 2 sports seats, carbon fiber body panels, LED light blade tail-lamps, are exquisitely position to accentuate exterior styling.


Dubbed as the “ultimate super GT,” the Vanquish S delivers more intense thrills and even more scintillating performance, with significant enhancements to the engine, chassis and aerodynamics.

Engine-wise, the Vanquish S gets more power; thanks to its upgraded 6.0-liter V12 engine that produces 588 ps and with top speed of 323-kilometers per hour. Whew! Meanwhile, Aston Martin is claiming that the Vanquish S can sprint up to 100-speed in just 3.5-seconds.

Now speed addicts won’t get bored as the car is equipped with 8-speed Touchtronic III Transmission, quad-exhaust tailpipes, and revised inlet manifolds for increased engine airflow.

Inside the cabin, Vanquish S delights with interior features such as Filograph quilt design options, Bang and Olufsen audio and the AMi III Infotainment system with all new satellite navigation.

As per pricing, we are not sure how much the Vanquish S will cost; but we are roughly estimating the car would go around 15M and up. In 2001, the first-generation V12 Vanquish was launched by car designer Ian Callum at the Geneva Motor Show.

According to Aston Martin, they will start selling the Vanquish S this month.