According to Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Adminstration (PAGASA) weather monitoring bureau, the country will still experience gloomy widespread of rainfall from July to October due to inter-tropical convergence zone or low pressure areas brought by converging northeast and southeast winds. This now alarms motorists to be more extra caution as the road becomes more slippery and dangerous.


In a report by Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Road Safety Unit, there were a total of 95,615 road accidents recorded in the country—with 519 fatal deaths and 17,103 serious injuries—from January to December of 2015.
With this stunning numbers, it’s so important that we need to take action and be responsible motorists. So we compiled 10 tips that we think drivers should know during rainy season:

1.) You need to wear your seat belt at all times. I consider this as golden rule to all drivers. Before you start your car, make sure to wear your seat belt. Almost 90-percent of Filipino’s don’t use seat belts. In a crash, you’re twice as likely to die if you don’t wear one.

2.) Check your car’s checklist points. Before you hit the road, always check your tire pressure, brake fluid, engine oil, engine coolant, washers, wipers and fuel gauge. You also need to secure or remove any loose objects, set the correct driving position and adjust your mirrors.

3.) Make sure to keep a safe distance when driving. I don’t know why some Filipinos loves tailgaiting. Even you see this sign in all toll gates as a reminder, we tend to have amnesia neglecting this rule. Bottom line—always keep a 3-second gap rule between you and the vehicle in front of you. This will allow you to avoid hitting it in case you need to brake suddenly.

4.) Please don’t drink and drive. Thank god for the Anti-Drunk Driving Law (RA 10586)—which penalized persons driving under influence of alcohol, dangerous drugs, or substances. We often see this in all social media post, but some motorists ignored this message. This is probably the most common reason for road accidents. Any amount of alcohol will affect your driving ability. So please don’t drive if you’ve had alcohol!

5.) When feel tired, don’t drive! Why? Well, sleepy drivers are eight times more likely to crash! So when feel sleepy, take a 15-minute break for every two hours of driving.

6.) Focus on wheels to avoid distractions. We are happy that this law has already been passed! Commonly known as Anti-Distracted Driving Act (RA 10913), it prohibits and restrict drivers to use or touch any mobile phones or electronic devices while driving on road. For some who doesn’t know what the law covers, here’s one for you. The Anti-Distracted Driving Act (RA 10913) covers all private and public vehicles, including agricultural machines, construction equipments, public utility buses and public utility jeepneys, taxicabs, motorcycles, tricycles, pedicabs (yes! pedicabs!), and kuligligs!

7.) It doesn’t hurt you if you plan your trip ahead of time. Always check the weather, traffic and road conditions. Don’t panic if you miss an exit on a highway; get off at the next one. The life you save could be your own.

8.) Please don’t USE HAZARD LIGHTS during a heavy downpour. This is epic and timeless! When your hazards lights are on, the drivers following you will not know if you intend to switch lanes or stop. The reason why it is called a “HAZARD LIGHTS” is because you are in a state of emergency. Flashing those headlights might distract motorists especially in a heavy downpour.

9.) Be observant on the road. Be sure to use your signal lights properly when changing lanes or overtaking. Always stay alert and watch for road signs that indicate danger. Do not steer sharply on tight bends; your vehicle may lose balance and rollover. A good driver is one who looks ahead to spot any changes in the road surface.

10.) JUST PRAY. I always notice that in most crucial times—whether in watching basketball games, longing for breakthroughs or even on death situations—Filipinos tend to pray. I don’t want to sound like I’m preaching, but praying is one way of communicating with God. So why not PRAY before we drive on the road? Being a defensive driver means that you are preventing accident before it occurs. Aside from the right attitude, awareness and driving skills, it’s also important to understand that every motorist shares his own battle on the road. So before you take the wheel, a quick prayer could save the lives of many people.


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