Global leader in digital imaging and optics Nikon is celebrating a century of success in the optics and imaging products. For century, Nikon has relentlessly pursued the infinite possibilities of light, harnessing the power of lenses to contribute to the advancement of imaging culture and sciences.

Established in 1917, Nikon has been at the very heart of innovation and development. Starting out as a manufacturer of optical glass and optical instruments.  The optical lens business started in 1946 with the sale of the Pointal lens. Nikon has since then been a leading innovator in the field of ophthalmic optics with breakthrough innovations in material, design, and coatings.  In 1983, Nikon introduces a high performance anti-glare coating with true, built-in scratch resistance. This technology becomes immediately popular in Japan, where nearly all of lenses now feature this type of coating.

The brand also contributed to the development of the optical industry, creating breakthrough technologies and high-quality, award-winning products in the process.  In its pursuit of the endless possibilities of light, Nikon has gained extensive expertise ranging from optics and materials to image-processing and simulations such as ultra-thin ophthalmic lenses and digital cameras, to name a few. Moreover, Nikon inspires visionaries who share its belief that “some great things are not visible with the naked eyes, but perfect sight will allow you to see what it takes to achieve them.”


Here is the journey of Nikon through the years in pursuit of the possibilities of light. Check this video:

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