Things you didn’t know about Shell Amare Fuel Station in Cebu

While traffic in Metro Manila is getting worse everyday, we can’t deny the fact that even in provinces it already reached in huge numbers. The province of Cebu has no exemption.

Last night, after getting stuck for almost 2-hours of traffic during rush hours, we decided to refuel our vehicle in order to catch up our last flight going to Manila. From the road, we saw Shell Amare Service Station along U.N. Avenue in Alang-Alang Mandaue City in Cebu.

Well, the local fuel station—which owned and operated by Rex G. Carampatan—is just a typical Shell Fuel station with “no-frills” and bells-and-whistles to offer. Until we decided to use their restrooms.

And here’s what we discover inside the restroom of Shell Amare Service Station in Cebu:

BIG SURPRISES INSIDE. Outside, you’ll notice a social media hashtag #ShellToilet #AmareShell note attached to its door. Both male and female restroom shares the same hashtag.

OHH-LA-LA! This is what we got when we open the door. We felt like in the movie of “Into the Wardrobe” of CS Lewis The Chronicles of Narnia. I don’t know with you, but we get mesmerized once we step our feet inside the restroom. Its like a hotel restroom!!!

CLEANLINESS and UNIQUENESS. This is probably the best word that describe Shell Amare restroom. Let’s be honest here. I am certain that not every public fuel stations restroom in the Philippines offers the same cleanliness and uniqueness like this. Well, the Shell Amare Fuel Station has it all! Not to mention its pleasant smell and odor inside the restroom.

There’s wall mounted urinal bowl, sink with mirror, and hand dryer inside. The truth is: we just stare a lot rather than using the restroom.

It looks like a restroom inside a hotel. There’s an architectural artifacts, books and figurines.

Even their toilet bowl is equipped with electronic bidet. Speechless!!!

Mirrors, paintings, and bottles of wines are all-over the wall…

AWESOME EXPERIENCE. The experience at Shell Amare is beyond words, but what makes us more happy is that all staff inside the Service Fuel Station are hospitable and friendly. A good plus point for customer service!

Kudos to Shell Amare Service Station and to the management and staff. I hope we could see more of this in all fuel station in the country.