Oracle Petroleum unveil Platinum Lubricants

Local Independent Oil Blender Oracle Petroleum, the manufacturer of Platinum lubricants, has recently launched its main products lines with a new re-brand look of its product packaging.

Held at its headquarters in Quezon City, the two-day event served as an introduction to the motoring public in recognizing Platinum as a new emerging player in the lubes market in the upcoming years.

During the launch, Platinum introduced its Sportec and GT Maxx (premium gasoline engine oil); 4T Nitro (fully synthetic engine oil); Formula Syn (fully synthetic  diesel engine oil); Ultrax (premium diesel engine oil); Pro 500 (high grade engine oil for commercial vehicles); 4T X-Race (premium motorcycle oil); and 4T Speed (high grade motorcycle engine oil).

Platinum is an in-house brand made by Oracle Petroleum since 2002, with distribution of products catering to dealers and distributors.This products include automotive, industrial, mining, construction, and marine lubricates. As the number one toll-blender, the company that offers the best in class petroleum services with a diversified.

(From Left to Right): Michael Siy Operations Manager of Oracle Petroleum; Christian Siy, CEO of Oracle Petroleum; and Mel Arcena, VP of Sales and Marketing of Oracle Petroleum.

Frederick Christian Siy, President and CEO of Oracle Petroleum, said, “After all these years, we’re finally ready to step out of the shadows and break into lubes industry as a product that will surely come to love and afford.”

“Platinum has existed long enough to cater to its clients, and now we are bringing our products toy our hands,” added Siy.

Oracle Petroleum was established in 1985 through collaboration of both local and international partners in the oil industry, bearing more than 30 years of petroleum and industrial chemical expertise.

To know more about their products, visit or call (02) 448-5746 to 49 local 503.

Kris Lim

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