The Car Awards Group Inc, a non-profit organization composed of motoring practitioners from TV, Radio, Print and Online, are known for awarding the much anticipated Car-of-the-Year Philippines.

For the past 13 years, CAGI has been a catalyst in providing consumer a reference in buying their dream car; be in a compact car, SUV or pickup truck. This year also culminates a more grandeur test fest as the group tries to make history by adding the awards for the 2017 Motorcycle of the Year-Philippines.

This literally blew us away! For the longest time, its been a debate in the industry on how the group would be capable in judging each motorcycles. According to CAGI, the criteria for MOTY will be based on 4 factors such as technical (acceleration, braking, slalom), qualitative (aesthetics, comfort and ergonomics, ride quality, stow capacity), safety (based on motorcycle specs), and price (based on priced factors of each motorcycles).

MOTY-PH is a consumer-driven award that aims to recognize the quality and value of a motorcycle through objective testing of a collective body without any bias or obligation to the product, itself.

Present brands that participated during the first day of test fest for MOTY-PH were Kymco, Motorstar, and Royal Enfield, The 2017 CAGI Motorcycle of the Year – Philippines Awards is co-presented by The venue for test fest is held at Arca South in Taguig City.