Leading commercial vehicle leader Isuzu has recently participated their latest public utility vehicle (PUV) prototypes at the 1st Philippine Auto Parts Expo.

The Japanese carmaker showcases 3 of its on-going PUV modernization program organized by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Philippine Parts Makers Association, Inc. (PPMA).

One is the Class II type jeepney, which substitute mounted on the existing Isuzu NHR55 platform, is customized and manufactured by Almazora Motors Corporation. Powered by NHR’s current 4JB1-TC engine, this prototype type jeepney can deliver maximum power of 91 PS and maximum torque of 196 Nm. The Isuzu-Almazora Class II prototype body maintains the current side-facing seating and standing orientation, which can carry up to 30-passengers and is fully air-conditioned.

Under the Class II jeepney category is Isuzu collaboration with Centro Manufacturing Corporation (CENTRO). The Isuzu-CENTRO Class II prototype, however, carries the yet to be launched Isuzu QKR77 which runs a 4JH1-TC engine that is already EURO IV compliant, supporting the government’s move to lessen exhaust emission. Likewise, the design maintains a side-facing and standing type cabin, which can carry up to 30-passengers and has a Gross Vehicle Weight of 4,490 kgs ideal for mass transport.

With an over-all length of 6.3 meters and over-all width of 1.7 meters the Isuzu-CENTRO Class II prototype is designed to provide wider seating space and ample passenger leg room even during rush hour. Designed as a non-aircon type modern jeepney, Isuzu and CENTRO gave it a panoramic type side windows to ensure better airflow inside the cabin adding to the passenger’s comfort.

Lastly, Isuzu displays its bid for the Class III category with a CENTRO designed body ideal for longer routes within or outside the metro. Built on the same Isuzu QKR77 platform, the Class III prototype offers 23-seating capacity, which are all front facing for a more comfortable ride during longer trips. Although the display is a non-aircon, this body type is ready to be fitted with an air-conditioning system, which if installed will give its passengers utmost riding experience.