The Philippines is considered as one of the fastest growing app market in Southeast Asia. Thanks to Facebook, we now ranked as top countries abroad, who has the largest numbers of active social media users roughly at 60 to 65 million. This is the reason why e-commerce companies are making huge success and progress in contributing to the economy.

One of them is the Online Shopping Platform Lazada. Launched in 2012, Lazada is part of Germany based e-commerce incubator Rocket Internet, which operates in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Recently, Chinese firm Alibaba bought 83-percent stake of Lazada, allowing them to strengthened its platform to be the largest online retailer in Southeast Asia.

Inanc Balci, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lazada Philippines, said the Philippines has a lot of potential in competing with other countries. “There is no question that Philippines is 100-percent going to be number one e-commerce in Southeast Asia. But the question is: Can we make the Philippines the number in the world in terms of e-commerce penetration? This is difficult, but i think we can make it. My goal is not to increase the sales of Lazada, but how we can make e-commerce big in the country.”

“The Philippines used to be the SMS capital of the world before social media. Now, the Philippines is the number one in terms of Facebook penetration,” said Balci at the media launch of its biggest online shopping event, the Online Revolution Sale, which starts from November 9 to December 12.  

According to Lazada, The Online Revolution Sale brings over 28 million local and international products from its most trusted brands and sellers. Customers can expect jaw-dropping offers, flash sales and exclusive launches up to 95% OFF.

“With this year’s Online Revolution Sale, the best of the world is truly at everyone’s fingertips. Lazada has been working closely with the top brands and sellers in the country and across the globe to offer the best products at the most affordable prices. We believe that campaigns such as Online Revolution will someday set the Philippines to be the online shopping capital of not only Southeast Asia but also the world” said Balci.

The Online campaign is expected to attract over 150 million visitors combined during the sale period.

Two months ago, Lazada adds new warehouse located at Cabuyao Laguna in its bid to strengthened its logistic facility. The 30,000 square meters facility in Laguna will be its fourth warehouse, together with Cebu and Davao.

“Currently, we have 38 logistics hubs in the Philippines and close to 3,000 riders that deliver packages to our customers,” he said. The Chief executive also highlight 7 points during his presentation from its products with over 28-million, new brands, official stores, digital goods, Taobao Collection, Payment Scheme (COD for items abroad), and Lazada e-wallet.

“If you go to shopping mall, you get around 600,000 products. But it will takes you around 10-hours to go to shopping mall. Lazada is like 40-shopping malls in the Philippines and with very competitive price because of its level of playing field, everyone is able to compete with each other,” adds Balci