As part of its CSR program in helping out communities, Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI), the marketer of Caltex fuels and lubricants in the country, has recently extend their knowledge in helping out stay-at-home moms in Pasig City during their “Week of Caring” program.

The “Week of Caring” is one of Caltex brand CSR program that address human needs, enhance education, protect the environment, and help small businesses.

During the activity, several employees of Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI) helped out stay-at-home moms learned on how to run a home-based soap-making business. While their grade school pupils of San Pascual Central School (SPCS), which is near the Chevron Batangas Terminal, learned on how to stay safe along the town’s busy street as they go to and from school.

CPI, through its employee cooperative, provided starter kits to the moms and its employees helped prepare, measure, and mix the mothers’ first batch of dish washing soaps and fabric conditioners. Chevron also provided training on marketing, sales and bookkeeping to help the trainees launch and sustain their new home-based business.

Road safety was also the topic that CPI volunteers taught in grade one to three students of SPCS in San Pascual, Batangas. The volunteers teamed up with the kids in learning activities and challenges that reinforce the importance of road safety and how to navigate the tricycle, jeepney and truck-packed streets of San Pascual, Batangas.

Atty. Raissa Bautista, CPI Manager for Policy, Government and Public Affairs, said, “We put premium value on safety, it’s our culture and a key performance indicator of how we do things in Chevron. Safety is a way of life for the employees. Road safety and road discipline are strictly practiced. To be able to share this advocacy and culture to young minds helps spread safety consciousness among our host community.” 

For the two projects, the employees logged 128 volunteer hours from a total of 46 volunteers. These volunteers helped more than 30 mothers generate an alternative source of income and educated 30 grade school students with a road safety program. Chevron’s yearly Volunteer Week program champions the need for diversity in the workplace through volunteerism that will benefit CPI’s host communities and disadvantaged people.