Foilacar now offers 6-day paint makeover

Wrap it or paint it! This is clearly what Foilacar Industries—the leading premium installer of vehicle wraps in the country—stands out in improving the aesthetics and beauty of your ride. Be it for two-or four-wheels, Foilacar are quite known for wrapping premium vehicles from different celebrities and personalities.

Recently, the company introduced their latest six-day paint makeover which guarantees an innovative and fastest way for total paint makeover.

“We offer paint preservation in an innovative and unique way,” said Lester Codog, President of Foilacar Industries.

Faster drying time for repaint is made possible by Foilacar’s GlossFx controlled environment paint system. The GlossFX is a big oven designed to dry out any foil on cars in 30 minutes. This innovative procedure enables Foilacar to fast track the drying time usually takes a day to dry out.

“This multi-million oven technology also enables us to finish more cars. Unlike before due to the drying time, our output is limited. Now with GlossFX, we can dry out five to eight cars a day,” adds Codog.

“This machine enables us to paint anything from the car exterior, down to interior pieces for our Foilainterior Division. The technology involves diesel combustion which is utilized for heating the oven in a safe and environment-friendly manner,” said Alex Cunanan, COO of La Deco, a subsidiary of Foilacar Industries.

Since Foilacar innovated the exterior protection and paint preservation in the country, the company has expanded their services to foil wrapping other modes of transportation such as airplanes, helicopters and yatchs. Foilacar Industries have also expanded their network globally with branches in New York, Indonesia and Japan.

“We have also penetrated the real estate industry with our La Deco line of foil wraps which is currently the popular choice of architects and real estate companies, due to its ease of use and reliability, plus the endless choices of colors and designs,” shares Codog.

More than a car boutique, Foilacar has brought in product lines that changed the way people think about modifying their cars from colored and textured foil wrapping system, clear film protection foil, and custom car designs.

Check out their video:

Visit their showroom at 10 Brixton St., Barrio Kapitolyo, Pasig City and Foil Plus along West Avenue, Quezon City.