Wild SUV Driver caught after run over road rage in Commonwealth

It’s not new to us to hear and see horror stories about road rage accidents. Last night, a viral video courtesy of Facebook user Crisdale Aguilar Pasion were seen trending online after he caught a hit-and-run road rage incident past midnight along Commonwealth in Quezon City.

In his video, you’ll see how the SUV driver (Nissan Patrol with plate number NOY 330) tries to slammed the back of an UV Express while unloading his passengers on the road. After watching the video, we realized that the SUV driver seems to loose his mental state after trying to hit the battered UV Express several times.

The SUV driver who were identified as Niño San Gabriel were arrested by authorities of Quezon City Police District Station 6 after a long car chase. Thanks to help of some motorists who intentional blocked San Gabriel on the road to prevent from further escaped.

According to Quezon City Police District Station 6, San Gabriel is driving under the influence of alcohol. Police also recovered guns and bullets inside San Gabriel’s car.

In the Philippines, the Anti-Drunk and Drugged Driving Act of 2013 (Republic Act No. 10586)  states the penalties for drivers who will caught driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, dangerous drugs, or other substance. San Gabriel will be facing several case such as driving under influence of alcohol, direct assault, illegal possession of firearms, and reckless imprudence resulting in damage to property.

Here’s the video footage courtesy of Facebook user Crisdale Aguilar Pasion:

*Photos from  © BALITATOL


  • Thompson Victoriano King

    Did he thought he was a 16 yr old dude driving his first car?