The future of mobility zooms at Dubai International Motor Show

The recently concluded 2017 Dubai International Motor Show continues to provide a huge role towards autonomous transportation and driver-assisted technologies. Their latest innovations proves that the future of automotive technology has already arrived.

With the Dubai Autonomous Transportation Strategy aiming to make a quarter of all Dubai’s journeys driverless by 2030, the UAE is spearheading the region’s transition, where societies will view cars not just as machines to get from A to B but as intelligent partners.

Volkswagen BUDD

The futuristic Volkswagen BUDD-e arrived at the 2017 Dubai International Motor Show for its regional premiere, featuring a networked world of infotainment and mobility, to offer a clear view of the future. Special features of the concept model include a new human-machine interface in the form of a visionary instrument and operating concept, and gesture control 2.0, which allows the car to be operated intuitively.

2018 Range Rover Sport

Also making its mark at this year’s show, is the 2018 Range Rover Sport debuted by Jaguar Land Rover, which features the latest driver-assisted technology to tackle all life’s obstacles. The Touch Pro Duo infotainment system is a twin high-definition touchscreen digital butler that blends a futuristic, elegant feel with an intuitive, engaging interface and unrivalled functionality.

New Infiniti QX80 and BladeGlider

New technologies are also fueling driver confidence through a range of drive-assisted technologies that empower, calm, safe and controlled drives and at the forefront of this trend is Infiniti, which premiered its new QX80, which features proactive safety innovations that support the driver in identifying and responding to other vehicles and potential hazards, enabling effortless performance and safety.

Meanwhile, Nissan unleashed its BladeGlider, a working prototype of a high performance electric vehicle with a revolutionary sports car design that offers visitors a glimpse into the future – it can reach 190km/h in less than five seconds and is packed full of advanced technologies.

“The BladeGlider has a narrow front track and wider rear track for optimum aerodynamic efficiency and handling stability. The sporty prototype is a true demonstration of our Nissan Intelligent Mobility strategy,” said Fadi Ghosn, Chief Marketing Officer of Nissan Middle East.

“The automotive industry is undergoing unprecedented change that we anticipated and have actively shaped. The diverse range of products and concepts on display at this year’s Dubai International Motor Show are challenging the status quo and offering a glimpse into the future of mobility – both physically and digitally. In that regard, we have transcended the physical car and are offering a broad range of intuitive and seamless services that employ state-of-the-art software and hardware innovations and utilize the Internet of Things to shape future mobility patterns,” shared by Lennart Mueller-Teut, Head of Marketing & Communications of Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East.